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In the event that the user / client waste conditions contained herein, Virus Studio reserves the right to deny him access to services and to his account.


Our services are: editing, mixing, mastering and audio online. The user / customer can request an estimate of the work and decide to purchase the service.
The end of work by Virus Studio is the delivery of at least one CDR media PMCD or a backup to a storage system chosen by the customer or, for online services in the form of high resolution files for download into your user / client.
For a more accurate description of the services we refer you to pages about services offered and the FAQ page.


Once delivered the PMCD or the DDPi or loaded in the user / client account the high resolution file(s) for download, the customer has 15 days of time to request any changes or corrections.
After this period we consider closed the work and approved by the customer in every part. Any further changes after the deadline will mean a new session to be estimate with the time and costs.


Virus Studio assumes no responsibility for limitations of use, loss of profits, damage claims by third parties (copyright issues, etc.), delays in delivery of work.
For any disputes which may arise with the user / customer, Virus Studio’s responsibility is limited to the amount budgeted.
Virus Studio is not responsible for files uploaded to the server during the upload process or stored on the server. The files on the server can be removed without notice.
Virus Studio assumes no responsibility regarding the performance of the network speed and makes no guarantee of continuity of service.

User responsibility

The user / customer is responsible for the proper preservation and confidentiality of the password to him automatically sent from the system.
The user can change both the user that the password from the first access to the site and will be the only one to know them. Such information can not be viewed by Virus Studio.
The password can be reset by Virus Studio is requested by the user. A new password will be automatically sent to the user.
The upload system is intended only for the exchange of files between the user and Virus Studio and vice versa.
Is therefore forbidden to use your account to upload copyrighted files or other files not relevant to the service offered by Virus Studio pain of immediate closure of the account without notice.


Creating a user account or the filling in the form requiring the user / customer personal information. In compliance with the Privacy Act, such information will be used exclusively by Virus Studio to the work and in no case be disclosed or transmitted to third parties.
No personal information will be sent to Virus Studio during the upload process.


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Backup and storage

Virus Studio gives up a backup of the job in two copies: one for the customer and one that remains in the archives of Virus Studio for 1 year after delivery of the work itself.
Virus Studio assumes no responsibility for the loss and / or damage to the backup job.
The backup must be delivered to the customer that he read and accepted simultaneously with payment of the sum agreed and budgeted previously.
Additional backup copies can be obtained after payment of additional sum to be agreed.
Virus Studio also assumes no responsibility for the damage of your computer equipment (such as hard disks, dvdr, cdr, etc..) provided for processing.

Payment terms

For normal services, the balance must be made on receipt of invoice.
For amounts exceeding € 500 is required for an advance of 30% and balance upon delivery of work.
You can pay by bank transfer (preferably) or by using paypal (including credit card without PayPal account). Checks are not accepted for online services.
The user / customer is required to pay the sum agreed prior to downloading files at high resolution.